Keep Calm

Welcome to Wuggles® keep calm t shirts, hoodies, polos & gifts range.

Here you can find 1000’s of the hugely popular customisable keep calm designs or if that’s not enough you can create your very own keep calm design and have it printed onto a huge range of garments from custom keep calm t shirts, custom keep calm hoodies, keep calm polo’s, spaghetti tops and the popular keep calm aprons to name a few! So why not have a think about how you can impress your friends or family or make them smile and come up with your very own keep calm t shirt or hoodie. The keep calm gifts are ideal presents for all ages from the elderly to babies, so either choose one our keep calm t shirt designs or get creative here at and make your own! – Did you know, the original keep calm and carry design was a motivational poster several months before the Second World War and was produced by the government in 1939 to raise the moral of the British public. Today the sentiment of the ‘keep calm and carry on’ message is as prevalent and meaningful in today’s society, which has made this British iconic image catch the public’s imagination.