Please note – The following price structure only applies to the shop by product route on the site. The shop by logo prices are displayed as you select various product options and automatically itemised before proceeding to the checkout.

Shop By Product

At Wuggle we stock and supply a wide range of clothing from many brands and manufacturers. We therefore have a pricing structure to calculate costs for each individual order.
Essentially, there are three charges – product costs, application charges and setup charges.

Product Costs

This is the cost of an individual plain product before any print or personalisation. The more products you buy the cheaper they get. The discounts and price breaks can be seen in a plain pricing table on each product page. It is also possible to buy plain garments if no personalisation or printing is required.

Application Charge

This is the cost of applying a logo to a garment. The more applications or prints you require per order the cheaper the cost per application will be. For instance, if you require a left breast print and a print on the back this would count as two applications. The discounts and price breaks can be seen in an application charge table on each product page.

Setup Charge

This is the cost to setup and ready your artwork for print. This includes converting a file or text that you have uploaded in a size and format which can be used by our printing machines. Once you have paid a setup charge for a customisation, you will not be charged this fee again on subsequent orders.

Plain Pricing

  • 1-3 items – Full Price
  • 4-9 items – Full Price
  • 10-35 items – 10% Discount
  • 36-99 items – 10% Discount
  • 100-249 items – 25% Discount
  • 250-499 items – 25% Discount
  • 500+ – 30% Discount

Application Charges

  • 1-3 prints – £5.00
  • 4-9 prints – £4.25
  • 10-35 prints – £3.50
  • 36-99 prints – £2.75
  • 100-249 prints – £2.00
  • 250-499 prints – £1.75
  • 500-1000 prints – £1.50

Setup Charges – (One Time Costs)

  • Printed Text – £3.00
  • Logo – £5.00

*all prices exclude vat.